“It’s selca time in the waiting room. Give a V to my sense then. hahaha I am V Gyu.”



“One more selca after take on the hat. I am the man Kim Sung Kyu who can also suitable for being the child line. kekeke”



“Just as expected, selca’s angle is finished. My sharp lower jaw makes young girls scream. hahaha”



“When do I look handsome? That’s this moment I am wearing suit, isn’t it? Intense eyesight is the bonus. hahaha”



“As I need to attend an important function, I dressed elegantly and take this commemorative shot.

Charismatic leader greets all of you here. heu heu heu”



“A commemorative shot after my first solo stage.

I was so nervous as I was waiting at the “Music Bank” waiting room. ㅜㅜ


“Kim Sung Kyu, who holds his fist tightly before sally! Oh man~I’m alive kekeke.”

 Photo Credit: TV REPORT

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