B2STINFINITE, and SISTAR have confirmed their attendances for the ‘2012 Melon Music Awards‘ along with a special stage!

The three groups will be collaborating for a special stage on the upcoming music ceremony on December 14th. According to concert directors, the two part ceremony will be a festival to heal the hearts of fans, aptly titled ‘Music is Healing’. B2ST, INFINITE, and SISTAR have been chosen as the stars of the concept, which will be divided into three themes titled ‘Girl is Healing’, ‘Dance is Healing’, and ‘Star is Healing’.

SISTAR will be making transformations as Catwomen breaking into a casino with a 60 member dance team while INFINITE is expected to flip the tables on the expectations of the audience with a dance stage never seen before. As for B2ST, they’ll be coming up with a whimsical concept as ‘little princes’ to put on a dream-like stage.

MMA representatives stated, “As this is the first and the last music festival made entirely for domestic fans, we’ve created a lot of stage concepts different from anything ever seen before. You’ll only be able to see them at the MMA so please look forward to their special stage.”

Check back with allkpop for the ceremony on December 14th.

Source + Photo: bnt News

CREDIT : Allkpop