Before the interview: “Because of the fans eager participation, too many questions were submitted and EXO-M’s computer crashed. Please wait a moment, they’re restarting the computer and will be able to chat soon!”

Note: They started off a “We are one! Hi everyone, we are EXO-M” for every answer, so I’ll just leave those out in the translation c: Also, when Chen and Xiumin replied on their own, they used pinyin (romanized Chinese). 

1) What does EXO-M want to say to the fans?

-We want to thank the fans for their support and we hope that everyone will come to the Jiangsu countdown with us. Please look forward to our new album. 

2) When will K and M perform together? I want to watch OT12 countdown! Or Gayo Daejun!

-We’ll attend the countdown concert in Jiangsu, and EXO-K will attend the countdown in Korea and they’ll cheer us on. 

3) It’s Christmas Eve today, is there anything you want to do with the other members?

-We’re waiting for Santa Claus~ we’re going to wait for Santa to give us our presents

4) Are you happy, being able to countdown to the new year with your fans in China? Happy? How do you feel?

-Of course we’re happy, we’re really happy. Because this is the first time since our debut that we get to countdown with our fans. 

5) Is China doing well? Chen oppa loves chinese food and chinese fans, I’m curious about what kind of Chinese food you like? Fans please love, support and cheer on all the oppas!

-I think all Chinese food is delicious~~^^ Everyone, I love you~~~~~

6) I hope the members will stay healthy, take care of your voice, and release more albums.

-Thank you, we will. You guys too~~ We love you’

7) Whose Chinese is better, Chen or Xiumin?

-It’s definitely…Chen~~ – BY XIUMIN

8) Are the six of you using one computer?

-You’re so smart~~ We’re using one computer.

9) Luhan, you like Cristiano Ronaldo and you like Manchester United, but right now C. Ronaldo is in Real Madrid, and will have a CL match with Man Utd soon, so which side will you support?

-I like Man Utd the most. Haha~ 

10) Will there be a collab like Two Moons in the new album?

-Look forward to it~~ hahahaha

11) Do you have any new year’s resolutions? Goals you want to achieve? Kris, look here!

– I hope that the 12 of us will fly higher together, and that in the new year, the fans and our families will all be healthy and happy every day. 

12) Yixing, make sure to rest and take care of your waist injury! Wear your waist support belt often.

-Thank you for worrying about me, it’s a lot better now. We’ll continue to work hard and show you guys better performances.

13) Baozi, what kind of Nanjing cuisine do you like? Tell me!

-Xiumin hyung says he likes crab and hot pot – BY LAY

14) Chen, I like it when you speak Chinese.

-Chen says he will do his best to learn Chinese, he won’t disappoint you guys~~ – BY LAY

15) Tao, when will you go back to Qingdao? Can you go home for the New Year’s? Take care of yourself.

-I want to go back too, but we don’t have activities in Qingdao. If we can have some later on, that’ll be good.

16) Are you guys happy? Do your best!

-Because we have you guys, we’re very happy.

17) Kris, what kind of food do you like? I’ll try to learn how to cook it.

-Don’t you know already? Other than fish, I like everything haha especially our Chinese food.

18) The manliest Lu ye, look here! Do you want to eat Peking duck? Did you get any apples today? Is your jaw still attached (referring to the way Luhan laughs)?

-It’s not just me, all our members are very interested, but we’re very busy so we aren’t able to. Hopefully next time I go back to Beijing I can take the members out for Peking Duck together.

19) Panda, how do you think you’ve changed since debut?

-I’ve become more charismatic~ Even though I’m not that perfect, I’m trying~~~

20) Kris! Are you still afraid of your manager??

-Our manager hyung is actually very nice, he’s a ‘good person’ hahaha

21) Tao, other than walking (running) by the sea, do you also like looking at snow?

-I like looking at snow. Do you want to go with me?

22) Issing~ Tell us a bad joke?

-Once upon a time there was a mountain, in the mountain is an EXO-M they’ll be going back to attend Jiangsu countdown, make sure you come~~

23) I want to know which one of you is the craziest.

-Crazy frog and Kungfu panda~

24) Xing-ye, I really like your dimple~

-Thank you, I like you guys too

25) Chen, there’s someone in our class who looks a lot like you when he smiles. We all call him Chen haha.

-Really? Then I guess he must be ~very~ good looking – BY CHEN

26)Is Lay’s cooking good? I really want to know.

-It’s very good, do you want to come taste a bit~

27) Lu-ge! Is your jaw still there! (referring to the way he laughs)

-Ayoo it’s still there~! Haha

28) Tao look here! Pick one, walking by the sea or shopping!


29) Who’s typing? It’s pretty fast, definitely not Wu yi fan~

-It’s really not Wu yi fan – BY KRIS

30) Romantic panda Tao, we all love you alot! It’s Jiejie’s birthday on the 27th, can you wish me a happy birthday? I especially came home for this so if you don’t see me I’ll leave again aaah.

-Happy Birthday~!

31) Who laughs easily and who doesn’t laugh much in EXO-M? 

-We’re all the same. Take me, for example, I’m usually not funny~



33) Zhang Yixing, I know you love your fans a lot, now it’s Christmas Eve, can you say something to your fans?

-Our fans~ merry Christmas~

34) What kind of person do you want to be? What’s your favorite snack? Huang Zitao!!! Don’t look at the others!!

-To become the best at what I’m good at!

35) Tao, hot girl and money, which do you like more?

-I want it all~!

36) Luhan, we never got to watch you play soccer, when will you show us?

-Hehe, if I get the chance, I’ll definitely show you guys~!

37) Luhan, wish me a happy birthday! Today is Christmas eve, and it’s also my birthday! Reply me @~@

-Happy birthday to you~!

38) Luhan-ge, I am about to take exams. Wish me luck?

-I hope you do well on your exams~ fighting!

39) This year is special for you guys, how do you plan to spend this Christmas? Other than your family and fans, is there anyone you want to spend it with? Merry Christmas EXO~

-Because we’re preparing for our new album right now… of course we want to spend it with EXO-K too!

40) Kris, look here look here! Carry my books for me

-Give your books here~!

41) Kris, would it kill you to reply me??? Would it???

– :)

42)Luhan, what did you eat today!

-I haven’t eaten yet

43) How many inches is panda Tao’s waist?

-My body is so nice you won’t even be able to imagine

44) Tao Tao are there heaters in Qingdao is it cold?

-I’m in Korea, so I don’t know if it’s cold in Qingdao~

45) LUHAN!!!! Reply me! You’re seeing this right if you see it make a ‘zhi” sound!!!


46) Zhang Yixing, my friends are annoyed because I’m spamming them, can’t you reply me? ~~~~(>_<)~~~~

– :)

47) Kris oppa, I bet you won’t reply me, I’ll bet you an entire box of Ace

-You lost~! Haha

48) Baozi Baozi look here! Now that you’ve had a lot to eat (Chinese food), what left an impression on you?

-I like hotpot the most

49) Zhang Yixing you make a zhi sound too!!!

-Zhi~~ ZHI ZHI

50) Zhang Yixing take care of your waist injury! If you know, reply me!!!

-Thank you, you guys take care of yourselves too

51) XIUMIN OPPA REPLY ME!! If you reply your face will slim down!! Believe me!!!


52) Kim Jongdae! Chen?? Did you disappear? Went missing? Did you guys call the police?

-I will always live on in your heart~!

53) Fan fan, Merry Christmas, remember to wish me luck on my exams~

-Fighting fighting fighting!

54) Hey, I’m taking my exams too, how come everyone else gets a reply when they mention exams, I want a good luck too! Tao I’m looking at you!

-Good luck

55) Fan fan are you going to go back to Guangzhou for Chinese New Year? 

-The traffic’s really bad because of the holidays~ I can’t get a ticket

56) Tao, I’m monk Tang, do you like me? I’m talking about you, peacock princess~ 

-I don’t like people with no hair hahahaha [joking

57) Luhan, do you dare to reply me!


58) Kris will you please make a zhi sound too


59) Zhang Yixing I’m very angry!

-Don’t be angry, come countdown to the new year with us

60) Geez, even Luhan worked up the courage to reply KRIS CAN’T YOU REPLY!?


61) Chen, Merry Christmas, wish me good luck on my exams~ 

-Good luck

62) Tao Tao!!! Hurry and reply me!! I love you the most! I bet you a box of leopard print that you won’t reply me, do you want to try! Wish me good luck on my exams

-Compared to pandas, I like leopard print more hahaha

63) Zhang Yixing, Luhan, Xiumin, I’m about to take my exams, wish me luck, I’ve been sitting here for so long!

-Good luck – BY XIUMIN

64) Baozi, Baozi, I’m angry, I sent 4-5 questions and you didn’t reply to any.

-Don’t be angry ^^

65) Kris will you make a zhi sound too I’m going crazy you’re so mean aahhhhhh screams


66) Kim Jongdae I’m going crazy…reply me

-You really are a pretty girl

67) Luhan and Lay, if you could endorse red tea and green tea would you be very excited?

-Of course we’d be excited! Any opportunity is very precious to us”

68) Yixing ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Ah! ~~~~~~~~do you see me~~~~~~

-I see you

69) I’m so unlucky, Luhan’s not answering me! I’m going to cry!!!!!

-Don’t cry

70) Kris I’m sad, what do I do?? Unhappy on Christmas eve….. you won’t even reply me.


71) Tao, I’ve been staying up late recently so I’m starting to get eyebags now, I want ones as nice as yours, save me

-No no no, go sleep

72) Kris, I’m really angry, so angry I’m crying, I’ve asked almost 100 questions and you’re still not replying..

-Don’t be angry

73) Huang Zitao!! I’m talking to you, you panda pretending to be a human!!!!

-I’m not a panda pretending to be a human, don’t talk about me like that hahaha

74) How are you feeling about your first appearance at the Jiangsu countdown concert? We fans are all really passionate aren’t we, come on, EXO-M WE ARE ONE!

-We’re very excited to be able to attend the Jiangsu countdown concert, and we want to thank Jiangsu TV for giving us this opportunity. We’re also very honored to be able to stand on the same stage as so many senior artists, so we hope that everyone will watch us and support us

75) [I bet the six of you won’t reply!!!] Okay, the six of you do your best! I’ll wait for your full-force comeback! I’ll wait for you to come to Shenzhen again! I’ll wait until I see you again! Fighting!!

-We’ll continue to do our best, our comeback won’t be disappointing. We hope that you guys will continue to support us and cheer us on. Please look forward to our full-force comeback and our upcoming performance at the Jiangsu countdown concert~ Thank you, goodnight.

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