The year of the snake, 2013, has shone. There are many 1989 snake-line stars in the music industry. They are taking over Korea’s entertainment industry with their gifted skills and talents, and also are in the midst of receiving fevered love from the public.

TV Report had a solo interview with two idol stars from the year of the snake to fit 2013. Secret’s Jeon Hyosung and Infinite’s Kim Sunggyu represented idols that are 25 years old and shared their flashbacks on 2012 and hopes of 2013.

Due to participating in end-of-the-year award ceremonies, Infinite’s Sunggyu, spent a busy year to the point where all his strength was used. However, as expected of a star from the year of the snake, Kim Sunggyu said that his condition became better as of January 1st. His anticipations and aspirations for 2013 were big.

Q: You’ve lived half of your 20’s already, so how do you feel to hit 2013?

A: 2013 is the year of the snake. No wonder why I felt my condition improving as of January 1st. Haha. It’s because I’m from the year of the snake. I believe that I have to work harder this year and show a better side of myself for friends of my age to become stronger and shine 2013 ^^ Because my first feeling is very fresh, I think all events will end well.

Q: If there’s something you regret for losing among your plans of 2012, what is it?

A: I’m happy because I feel that I experienced a lot and promoted a lot as Infinite last year. Thankfully, there isn’t anything I regret. I always feel that I’m living in a dream. I have a greed to experience more this year.

Q: If you were to grade yourself on your first solo album in 2012, what would it be?

A: My grade is, drumroll dugudugudugu (self-made sounds) 70 points. Hahaha. I released a solo album under my name for the first time, so I was really happy. It’s true that I wasn’t as sufficient with my preparations, and my throat condition wasn’t very good, so it was hard. However, the solo promotion was a really good experience for me. 

Q: Infinite shows the best teamwork among currently promoting groups. What’s the reason?

A: Each member has his own color. However, we all try to give up our colors and listen to each other’s opinions. Whenever we fight, we resolve it right away. If our team fights and doesn’t resolve it right away, and just keeps in it, then it feels like you’ve become a strange person. ^^ I think that’s what makes Infinite ‘complete’.

Q: Don’t be shy with this, but if you were to honestly brag about Kim Sunggyu’s charms, what would they be?

A: Hm… My handsome face? Hahaha, I’m kidding. I think our fans like when I work hard. I’m really thankful. Truthfully, I don’t really know what my charm is. What could it be? Everyone, I’m curious. (Laughter) But if I were to specifically choose, it would be Kim Sunggyu’s unique charisma? Kim Sunggyu’s unique chicness? Kim Sunggyu’s unique singing abilities? ㅎㅎㅎ I’ll stop here. (Laughter)

Q: If you were to give advice to the Infinite dongsaengs who are starting unit group promotions?

A: Don’t ever be nervous, and just think of your main focus. Because you guys are dongsaengs who normally do well, continue what you’ve been doing and you will get good results. Hyung will believe in you and cheer you guys on. Fighting!

Q: If Infinite has a goal or dream for 2013, what would it be?

A: I wish to greet more people with better music. I would also like to do a lot of performances in various place. I wish to hear compliments like ‘Ah, as expected, music is Infinite’ as well. Till then, I will really do my best. Please look over us. ^^

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