Currently going from idol group lead vocal to rocker, Infinite′s Sung Kyu, who is currently performing solo, appeared on Mnet’s Must, where he talked a bit about his high school music career.

On January 5, Sung Kyu was asked by MC Yoon Do Hyun when he first wanted to be a singer in a rock band. Sung Kyu replied, “I’ve grown up listening to rock music and even started a band in high school.”

He added that the name of his school band was ‘Comatoase Beat,’ surprising the audience with its not-so-idol-like group name.

MC Yoon Do Hyun added that in high school, a lot of band names are hard to swallow. “It’s probably because it’s stormy period for teenagers.”

Sung Kyu later went onto perform 60 Seconds and I Need You. He was accompanied by modern rock band Brick.


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