Today, I went to a wedding of a oppa I know. 
My family, especially the sisters in families knew each other well 
Oppa is a song writer/producer so the guests were fun 
I enjoyed viewing them. 

Krystal and Luna passed by me 
I asked Krystal to take a picture with me 
and the manager scolded me ㅠㅠ 
Krystal was wearing a coat kkkkkkkkkk

I was surprised seeing SHINee Taemin and Minho 
Celebrity like a celebrity 

Kangin lost a lot of weight.. so cool kkkk 
I was very excited 
I heard only SHINee was coming but Exo, F(x) and SJ all came. 
I think they are saying Hyung, congratulations on your marriage 

Luna told the bride she is pretty and gestured for her.. she(Luna) appared to be kind 
all the guests were taking a picture 
and one member of SJ later said 
“Excuse me but I don’t know where to look ><”
so everyone laughed. 
Today was like an awards ceremony 

Was a fun marriage thanks to oppa 

I cant reveal any more pictures than this..

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