Translation basically reads

It’s the New Year, (they) didn’t bring back any New Year goods, it’s still okay, but can you all not appear in front of my face with these ‘wash blow cut’ hairstyles?
Note 1: Not bringing back New Year goods is often a symbol of unfilial behaviour and disregard for family and tradition in China.
Note 2: ‘wash blow cut’ hairstyles mean-cheap unstylish hairstyle.

According to the fans, the host is already apologized through her weibo:
Long Yang’s apology on her Weibo: “I offer my apologies to everyone! The topics of talk shows are sometimes targeted, however, sometimes they are just descriptive about a picture without any specific contents. Nonetheless, it is an error on our part for causing the misunderstanding. I wish to offer my most sincere apologies for that. EXO-M is fortunate to have you as fans and I hope to give them my support too. ‘8090-Liners’ support EXO-M who fights to achieve their dreams! I apologise once again for causing everyone’s worries.
(Credit: milkyournipples and Viony Matsumoto@Facebook, Long Yang’s Weibo | Translation by: Kelly&Juveina)
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