Kris said they couldn’t receive gifts today, he just got letter. I asked him if they come to Chong Qing next time, please don’t walk VIP, last time they came and went both use VIP. He said fine.(I’m sorry I know he couldn’t take this decision) I also asked him where they leave from for the Philippines, Malaysia or Korea, he said he don’t know yet. I walked behind him for a while, then I got through the guardrail and ran forward to take this photo, he shocked and then smiled, he said is that OK.”




[SEOUL] – Luhan crashed into a cart and tripped. When he fell down not a single person around him helped, maybe they’re afraid of being scolded or yelled at. I (the fan) didn’t think much and just went to help him up because it seemed really painful when his leg hit the cart, and he even had some trouble getting up. (1:30).


[HK] – Luhan was teaching Suho how to say his name in Chinese. “Lu-ge” and “Lu-ye” (Lord Lu) and he taught him word by word, it was really cute!


[MALAYSIA] – When Luhan got on the bus, he peeked out from the gap in the curtains and waved to the fans with his bunny plushie.
(Credit: ©ZIA向芷逸, 卞白西, momo待见兴小兔一辈子, dancingkyu)

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