INFINITE‘s Sunggyu revealed the story of his first love on the January 14th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘.

The story came up during a particular segment of the show, “Music 101″, as Sunggyu explained, “I sangWeather Forecast‘s “A Doll’s Dream” to confess my feelings to a girl.”

When MC Tak Jae Hoon asked how he met his first love, Sunggyu stated, “We were in the same school band. She played the piano and I sang. I didn’t have any feelings for her when I first saw her, but one day I noticed myself watching her constantly.”

In response to the cute love story, MC Tak Jae Hoon asked, “But didn’t your ideal type change a lot after your debut?“. Sunggyu was unable to answer the question, making everyone else laugh.

The episode also featured INFINITE H members Dongwoo and Hoya.

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