For Inspirits & EXOtics

Here are some basic rules that you should follow when on this site.

1) When you repost our posts, be sure to include all of the credits. INCLUDING an “also uploaded by: INFINITE + EXO” We work hard and spend a lot of time posting or reposting these posts, so please give us credit!!You also have to include the credits we included, such as picture/videos/articles/etc. credits!!

2)Please give us feedback! Comment on the posts!! When there’s a poll on the right, please take a few seconds to answer the question. It’ll help me know what kind of fans are out here or etc. For example, if I ask, “What kind of fan are you?” it’ll help me know what to post if there’s more fans of this group and etc.

3)Be appropriate!! If you comment inappropriately, I won’t publish your comment!!

4) If you have any questions or advice, comment in the page, “Any Questions/Advice?” I’ll put that page up soon.

5) If you want me to post something I haven’t posted that is Infinite or Exo related news, please comment in the “News Needed to be Published” page. And I will get that up soon too!!

6)No bashing other groups, fandoms, fansites, and certainly this fansite!! We all try our best to bring you the best!!


Please follow these 6 rules or directions!! I greatly appreciate all of the views and support, so thank you!!

Remember to continue to love INFINITE and EXO!! Give them lots of support and love!!

For Inspirits and Exotics,

-babogum48 @ INFINITE + EXO



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